Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday. . . Monday. . .

So here it is. . . Monday again. What is on my design wall? . . . Not one thing! Wha what?? No really, big blank white space. BUT. . . I finished a quilt top last week AND a quilt back. . . hey now! The blank wall looks a little better :)

Quickly, before I get into that, have you heard about the 2014 Scrap Quilt Challenge?? Button on the top on my sidebar - check it out and show off your scrap quilts! :)

So what was the finished top and why didn't I post about it? It is the top I came up with for the Cotton Couture Pastel Challenge for QuiltCon. . . MQG sent the email a little over a month ago for the challenge. I'm going to say this - it is a challenge for me as this is NOT my typical color pallet. . . I hadn't posted because I wasn't sure it was 'allowed.' Whatever, I looked, didn't see anything so I'm publishing ;)

My submission for this challenge (it has to go through the same jury process as other quilts in QuitCon so just because I'm making the quilt, doesn't mean it auto-magically gets in) came to me in stages over a couple of days. Once I started cutting, the design came together rather quickly. I decided to use the Side Kick ruler (LOVE). I did y-seams! OK, they are not difficult! The BEST video I found was Kay Wood. I thought, how can she show how to do a y-seam in 5 minutes or less??? C'mon! She did. . . and it works!! And no marking, pinning or leaving part of seams . . . well seamless.  Check it out, I'll wait! Seriously, if you have been avoiding patterns because of y-seams - give this a whirl! OK, I sound like a paid commercial. I'm just so excited about being able to do MULTIPLE (5 to be exact) y-seams and NOT ONE buckled or wrinkled!! MHWAA Thank You, Kay!!

OK, the top. Here it is in stages. The last one is the finished top with some quilting lines drawn in . . . looks good on the picture but I'm not sure it is going to work on the quilt. . . I have it basted and will start quilting it today and make the decision.  Here we go:
OK, this isn't looking too bad. . . but. . . how the heck am I going to sew it together?? LOL
Looks pretty good, not in love with it. . . how can I figure out how to sew it together with NO y-seams.... Me and my bright ideas. . . ;)
YAY, Y-seam was PAINLESS!! It is located where the green star border starts on the bottom right of the lowest top star arm (that's confusing huh? extra points for following that!! HA)

Could not take it. . . I had lighter gray (Fog) for the background but ordered Clay. . . needed a little darkening up for my taste, that works :)
Walking foot or FMQ with rulers. . . hmmmm. . . :)
The back, using the Fog solid I had bought for the front - I think going darker for the front was the right choice.
The rules are, front ALL Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids with the main focus on the pastels (which were predetermined) and the back an binding can be print/solid but must be Michael Miller. I'm not sure how I am going to bind this. I'm thinking maybe the Clay. I have enough. Or maybe one of MM's striped fabrics (I have more in my stash). . . maybe a scrappy border using what is left of the solids. . . I'm not sure, I have time and I have all of the options right here in my possession so I don't have to wait :)

OK, this post is longer than I intended and I have to get to the store (grocery, quilt shop isn't open yet! LOL) and then I have to go to the LQS. . . thread for the star part of the quilt needs to be figured out and purchased.

HEY - if you are looking for quilting books - Connecting Threads is having a sale! 40% off!!! And that's off ALL books while they last - all the latest stuff is there. Go ahead, check it out! My books are on the way :D I'm not connected with Connecting Threads in any way - this is a great deal and I thought I would pass it on. I may have some things to say about quilting books later this week - again, my unsolicited honest opinion about the books I purchased with my husband's hard earned money. . . ;)

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Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Metallic Thread and the Making of The Family Tree Quilt

When I decided to use metallic thread in the Family Tree quilt, I thought I must be crazy to sign up for such frustration! I did a little research before starting which, in the end, saved me from some more gray hair. Really, the right set up and knowing the ins and outs of purchasing the correct thread will make your life SO much easier!! Here are some tips that made my first foray into metallic pretty painless and wanting to do more! Hopefully it will have you looking for that spool of metallic thread you bought eons ago but never used ;)

1. Watch these two short Youtube videos put out by Superior Threads. Superior Bob (that's what I call him, LOVE this man!) gives some great tips on what to look for when buying metallic thread and tips on sewing with metallic thread. And of course he throws in a few laughs along the way :) Part 1 and Part 2. I am not compensated by or connected to Superior Threads, I am a fan however of their threads. Just wanted to make that clear. :)

2. Set up of tension is key! Bob talks about tension and on the Superior metallic thread spools it says to set tension at 1 and also recommends using a top stitch 90/14 needle. I was dubious  about the tension and I am a believer in trying it out on a practice piece to get it right. Turns out that 1 is exactly what my machine liked. I still think it is important to test in on your machine - machines are all different have have different preferences for how they want to be treated! It will be very obvious when you have hit the sweet spot for tension - your sewing line will look MUCH more metallic.

3. What I found quite by accident is, setting up how the thread is feeding off the spool is key too! Initially I had the spool set on the holder and the thread was feeding UP from the spool. When I was half way through the quilt (yeah, I know, why couldn't that have happened sooner??), the thread had slipped off the top thread holder and was feeding directly off the spool. Before this happened, I was experiencing some thread breakage and had to tap the thread coming off the spool as it was 'catching' and not feeding smoothly. Once I had the right set up, I had not one thread break! Make sure the thread is feeding directly off the spool - not off of the top of spool. If you have a machine that has the spool laying down (mine does have that option) this is not going to work. Typically these machines also have a spot where you can put in a post and set your spool upright, using that feature with metallic thread will make your life MUCH easier! Here are pictures to hopefully make that clearer :)

4.  Bob mentions this in the video and I think it deserves a repeat, use a stronger thread in the bobbin. If the project requires metallic thread in the bobbin, go slow. I used Isocord which is a poly thread in my bobbin. Honestly, it was chosen because those were the spools in my stash that matched the top threads. It worked well but probably not any better than a cotton thread would have.

5. I definitely had to quilt slower than I normally would. I tend to like to quilt at a higher speed and it was not possible even with the poly thread in the bobbin. It wasn't extremely slow, I'd say it was probably about at the medium speed of my machine. I tend to quilt more at the highest speed of the machine ;)

And here is my quilt all washed (I was nervous about washing too but had to due to marking and it came through the wash beautifully!) and blocked.

There are a little more than two 500 yd. spools of metallic thread in the quilt. I think I have conquered my fear of metallic thread!
I used my machine's monograms to put this on the binding. I went REALLY slow and had no issues... Isn't that sparkle cool?? :)

Because I didn't cover this in my first post about the quilt, I wanted to also mention some other construction related items about the quilt. I used a double batting, wool and 100% cotton. I spray basted AND pinned before quilting. . . I wasn't taking any chances! haha 

The quilt finished around 36" x 34". I started with a piece that was 36" by WOF.

I machine bound the binding to the front. I wanted it framed in the metallic thread and figured the quilt would NEVER get done if I attempted such a thing by hand ;) 

I hand stitched a label on the back AND a hanging sleeve! Both are a first for me as I typically put my version of a 'label' on the binding and I've never had a reason to do a quilting sleeve before this quilt. I'm pretty sure that it took longer than it should have but looked pretty good for a first try. 

What would I do different? There are a few things I would do differently, if I were to do this quilt over (which is NOT going to happen LOL). I would quilt the branches less densely throughout. I don't think the branches for the kids needed to be as dark as they are. I was concerned about the names showing up but I don't think that would have been an issue. 

I was trying to maintain a balance in the tree even though the left side of the family has been more prolific than the right (only because that is the 'OLD' side of the tree LOL). I chose to make the grands branches thicker and darker on the right side to achieve some kind of balance. I would probably do the branches as thick but again, probably a little less dense quilting around the names.

The last thing I would have done was set the names coming off the trunk a little further away to enable a little more definition in the branches. This isn't a huge deal, but I think it would look better. 

I had A LOT of people ask me if I would make one for their family and/or say I should make them to sell. My response? . . . You probably can't afford it HA! Material cost is not much for the quilt, under $50.00 but the time. . . oh the time. I figure about 40 hours start to finish. Would the fictional next one take less time? Definitely. And it would depend on the size of the family. I still don't think people understand the amount of time it takes to do something like this. One of my mom's friends who does a good amount of piecing but not a lot of quilting, guessed 6 hours for quilting. . . ummm, no.

One more thing, I was a little concerned about how the metallic thread would come through the wash. It did fine, I used the very slow, intermittent agitation, slow spin and did not put it in the dryer.

If you decide you must make one for your family and you have questions that I may not have answered, email me or leave a comment - I'd be more than happy to share with you :) 

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Until Next time, keep on quilting!
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Family Tree Quilt

I have been wanting to publish this post for almost a month! This is the super secret project I have been working on which pretty much delayed all posting and all other sewing activity in late July and the first part of August. Mid July I realized that my parents would be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I texted my sister and said hello, did you remember this and are we doing anything (OF COURSE we are!). She then texted all the sibs and a party was born. Then on a whim (Oh, those whims always get me in trouble! LOL) I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a quilted family tree? . . . and I started searching. . . . and searching . . . and searching. . . The only quilted family trees I could find were AAAK-plique (new quilting term stolen from Sandra). I have never done it and quite honestly, it scares me :) Then I saw a very simply drawn family tree (on paper, not quilted) wherein the trunk and branches were simply names written in script. No leaves, no fillers, just the names. It looked SOOO cool! Inspiration. I wondered how I would do just a simple script writing and then started playing on paper. And searching the web for a font. I knew I wouldn't be doing script but still did not have a clear picture of how this was going to turn out.

Then I transferred the concept that I had on paper to fabric.

The fabric has embossed diamonds, the 60th wedding anniversary is known as the diamond anniversary. I had to look it up, so I thought I'd share that little tidbit ;)
And then I sandwiched the fabric (36"x38"), took a really deep breath and started quilting. . . I used metallic thread on the front. I have written an entire post just on using metallic thread - it is not scary I promise :) Some of you may have read a part of this post over at Lorna's blog. I have expanded the information and added a little more about my metallic experience in this post.

Whew, got all the names outlined. . . now what????
It is at this point I realize that having a plan for the rest of the design probably would have been a good idea. . . At some point while I was quilting the names I decided I was going to attempt to actually make a trunk and branches. . . . and started with the main trunk.
Oh yeah, going with that :) Making the trunk look like a tree wasn't quite as difficult as I had imagined and it didn't take quite as long as I had imagined to do it - double bonus!
OK, plan is fully developing now! Branches. . . and leaves as a filler. . . lots of leaves. I did the kids in dark green, grands in a shade lighter green and great grands in a slightly lighter green than the grands. Started with the branches on the right side, did all of them to the top branch and then filled in the leaves - OMG the leaves. . . I was seeing leaves in my sleep! I transitioned the color of the leaves from the color I used for the kids to the color for the grands and finally to the color for the great grands. I was making progress and was satisfied with where it was going :)
Half way there!!
I'm glad I decided to do one entire side and then tackle the other side - gave me a break from the leaves :) And here is the finished product!
It might be awhile before I quilt leaves on a quilt again ;) Picture taken by my friend Loretta.
I added the Happy Anniversary message to the binding and yes, I did a label which included a statement "Current as of September 1, 2014 - no, I won't be adding more great grands to the quilt and there will be more, one on the way actually. I was asked the question on more than one occasion, that's why I put the message on the back ;) Picture taken by my friend Loretta.

The label. I wasn't impressed by the pens that are 'supposed' to be used on fabric. It seemed like it was running out of ink from the very beginning. Picture taken by my friend Loretta :)
We had the quilt hanging on the shop door where the party was held. When my mom came in she looked at it, didn't say much and moved on. . . I don't even have words to express my feeling. I texted my husband "I don't think mom was impressed" and got this text back "Of course she was... tho probably the first time she has seen it plotted out like that and is a bit overwhelmed. "Lord, what have I done?" OK, I was laughing so hard and realized he might just be right and I might need to get over myself! Dad had not noticed it when he walked into the party. After eating (LOTS), it was time for gifts and pictures. Mom took dad over to show him the quilt:
I think he's in shock too! LOL This picture was taken after he had closed his mouth, which had been hanging open, a little! :)

Getting a closer look at the mark they have left on the world :)
Yup, I think they like it :)
And, in my last post, I said I might actually post a picture of myself. . . gulp ;) The picture below is not so bad so I'm going to do it LOL The picture taking session included mom and dad with all the grands and the one great grand that was there at picture taking time, mom and dad with their kids and spouses, in attendance, and then each of the kids took pictures with mom and dad with their kids. Here's the picture of me and Cally (my husband was not able to make the trip with me) with the happy couple ;)
OK, that wasn't so painful ;)
It was an awesome week with lots of family time and time spent with my high school friends that still live in the area. Several of my best girlfriends still live there and my constant childhood side kick (she grew up on a farm very close to ours and had 3 brothers and no sisters) was in town visiting her father for several days. She (Loretta) is the friend that took the pictures of the quilt on the grass. She is an amazing photographer! It was great to see everyone again and we had a wonderful time. . . late nights, lots of laughs and probably too many adult beverages ;)

If you are curious about using metallic thread, check out my post here or for a shorter version, Lorna's post on fabric and thread here.

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Until next time, keep on quilting!
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Friday, September 5, 2014

I'm Back and I have a finish!!

Hello! I feel like I have been gone forever (in more ways than one)! It's always good to be home :) The trip back to see my parents was great, all went well. Today I have a finish, not of the super secret project I have been working on which was for their 60th wedding anniversary. . . that is going to take a little time to write. No, I'm not so organized that I wrote the post and had it waiting patiently for me to hit publish ;) BUT here's a look at what the super secret project was, a full post to come over the weekend. 

You may have seen this quilt on Lorna's blog Sew Fresh Quilts on her post about thread.
OK, on to the finish! Yes, Vera, I sewed while on vacation :) My daughter has been wanting to learn how to make quilts. I have been wanting to teach her but she lives 1,800 miles away. . . this makes teaching a little difficult. SO, I decided in the week we spent together, we could put together a simple quilt so she could decide whether or not she liked it! We hit a quilt shop (I just hated that part ;) haha) and she picked out all of the fabric herself. Girl has some awesome taste! She picked a fat eighth bundle (8 pieces) of Kaffe Fasset and a fat eighth bundle (8 pieces) of pink and purple solids (I think they were Moda Bella Solids) and a batik jelly roll (sorry. . . I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of them before she tore them apart. . . She was excited!). On the way to Grandma's house, she planned her quilt taking meticulous notes of color placement. We did not use a pattern, in typical fashion, I was flying by the seat of my pants! We walked in the door and she asked her grandma to set up the sewing machine and she started sewing :) We quickly decided some practice sewing was in order and it just so happened that grandma has a little outrageous stash. She did about two hours of practicing straight lines and we set her loose on putting the blocks together. I did some sewing on it, but she did the blocks herself (only one had to be disassembled because it was an inch shorter than the rest. . . not bad for a first quilt). My mom may have sewed some of the blocks together, I sewed the top together, my sister-in-law has a long arm and quilted it (thanks, Mitzy, you did an AWESOME job!) and I sewed the binding on to create one awesomely colorful finish:

Mitzy put Cally's name in the pink solid block :)

She is vertically challenged (might be a little like her mother LOL) and this is as much of the quilt as we could get with her on her tip toes and all stretched out :)

I'd say that's a pretty proud young lady :) Her mom might have been beaming too ;)
She did a great job, don't you think?? So here's a super easy way to make a 67" x 67" quilt with very little waste and NO scraps:

16 fat eighths and one 40 strip jelly roll (a 42 strip jelly roll would provide the added extra needed for the binding).

Cut the jelly roll strips in half and sew five onto each of the 16 fat eights. Trim the blocks to 17.25" (if you had an accurate 1/4 seam throughout the blocks could likely be trimmed to 18" square easily), sew together the blocks (the options for arranging are many, play to your hearts content). Use the trimmed fabric from the 22" side of the block for binding (obviously will need to be trimmed to 2.5" or 2.25") and voila! Finished quilt and no scraps and no waste! :) OK, the fact that Mitzy has a long arm and lives less than a mile away might have made the finish quicker ;) It actually took me longer to sew on the binding than it took her to quilt the quilt! haha

Because she had to work Tuesday, I took Cally back a day before I came back home. The weather was ominous all the way to meet her dad. It hailed and rained the minute we hit the parking lot where we met! I was soaking wet after being hit by about three half gallon sized rain drops! Then came the hail. We said our goodbyes and I started back. I got one mile from where all the weather was and the pavement was dry!! And I got to enjoy this:

Yes I was driving and yes those are bug splats on the windshield :)

Pictures do not do it justice of course but it truly was beautiful and I was able to enjoy it most of the way back to my parent's house.
I'll be back soon to share with you the pictures of the family tree quilt and my parent's reaction. There might even be a picture of me. . . maybe ;) 

Linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Up Friday. If you haven't checked it out, there is a TON of inspiration both on Amanda Jean's blog and the links!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Vacation Time!

Hey all, not much going on in the sewing studio these days :( I have started quilting Off Course. I'm not going to bore you to death with  days and days worth of quilting in process pictures. I now have the quilting plan all plotted out, just have to sit down and DO IT!

But that's not why I'm popping in, to complain about not having sewn in days. I'm popping in to say I am heading out to see my parents in MN tomorrow. I thought the fact that they are celebrating SIXTY - that's a 6 AND a 0 folks - years of wedded bliss deserved a visit in person, not just a phone call. OK, we know in 60 years, it might not have always been blissful, but if you asked my dad - he would tell you,  "Yes, it was!" How sweet is that? :)

I'll be gone for a week. I'm leaving The Nugs and Rubi in the capable hands of my husband. . . . they are going to be spoiled beyond belief when I get back! 
This post was seriously lacking in pictures and this one is just too cute LOL
So have a great week and if for some odd reason, there happens to be some sewing going on there - I'll post :)

Have a wonderfully quilty week and keep on quilting on!!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Confessions of a Quilt Addict

 quilty secrets

By now, I'm sure you have seen Amy's post over at 13 Spools. It's a fun post in which she airs her 10 Quilty Little Secrets :) Well. . . I have aired a lot of my quilty little secrets throughout my blog but here they are all in one place for all to see. . . I'm airing dirty laundry here folks, if you have a weak stomach, you should probably move on to the next blog in your reader ;) Hang on to your hats, here we go!

1. Cotton + Steel, Amy Butler, Pearl Bracelets - don't get it. Haven't any. Likely. Never. Will. :)

2. When IF I pin, I run over them when sewing. Always. Have I hit them? Yes. Has the world ended as a result? No. I put the pins there to keep the seams together when I sew over them. . . that's not happening if I take the pin out!!

3. I never have and never will pre-wash anything. . . The quilt is going to be washed when I finish (always) so why bother with another step that is going to make it a longer time for me to get to cutting and sewing.

4. Pre-Cuts. . . love to hate them (except fat quarters of course). After being burned on several occasions by the cuts being inaccurate. I'd rather have the person responsible for the inaccurate cuts there to beat (me) than to be cussing in the wind!

5. I use starch. A LOT of starch. I am not a best press fan. It's expensive and not as starchy as the cheap stuff. When I say a lot, I mean soak. Pre-washed in starch. :)

6. I iron press my seams open. Almost always. And I only use steam when pressing curved piecing. I don't try to convert anyone, please don't try to convert me to the dark side ;) HA

7. I can't don't follow patterns. I gotta be me right??!

8. I do not have any fabric in my stash that is 'too pretty' or 'too special' to cut into. . . I bought it to sew with and sew I will! When I get fabric, I rip open the package with glee and hack off a corner just because! grin

9. I am not a scrap lover/quilt maker. Love them from afar, do not like making them. . . I keep scraps, I have a couple of bags. . . they will never get used. I kept them because I knew someone would yell at me if I ever did a post like this and admitted that I had thrown them all away ;)

10. I don't have any UFOs. . . STOP! Don't throw any rocks just yet! I totally understand how UFO happens. . . No, I didn't forget a word, I did that on purpose ;) I will NOT let myself start another project unless the two I am working on are finished (I have on occasion had three going but it makes me nervous). I think it spurs me on to get what I'm working on done so I can start what I have planned while FMQing the two quilts I am finishing. Besides, I would just sit here and look at everything half finished, wonder what to do next, and get nothing done ;)

There you have it! What are your quilty little secrets??

One more thing, that great quilting in the button Amy made? She finished the quilt, you have to check it out!! Nothing short of awesome!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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Monday, August 18, 2014

Spin FINALLY finished!!

It's a wrap for spin :) I can't get that song out of my head. . . "You spin me right round baby right round like record baby. . . " Here, just for you so you can have it stuck in your head too, it's the Chipmunks version so it will be more likely to stick!  I know, I'm totally dating myself but hey, the clock keeps ticking. . . and ticking. . . and ticking haha

Anyway back to Spin. I quite honestly never thought this 'it is finished' post would ever come for this problem child quilt!! It is the traditional Dutchman's Puzzle block put together with my own little modern twist.  I was researching different ways to make Flying Geese and stumbled upon the Dutchman's Puzzle block made in horrifically awful fabric (IMHO) but I was able to look past that and see that this is one very cool block!  I took it to EQ7 and started playing. That's how Spin was hatched. Here she is in all of her glory. As usual, pictures first!

Front (said Captain Obvious LOL)

Loving the back as much as the front.
And now for some close ups. There are several. . . I did not put in all of the pictures I took. . . really!
I just love how quilting just transforms a quilt into textured goodness!

Some might remember that I thought about adding more quilting to this star to tame the poof.... It has grown on me :)

I am however most likely going to add some quilting to the stars in the negative space. . . they are looking pretty loosey goosey to me. . . What do you think?

I added on line of quilting to this star but I'm thinking either a square in the middle with a flower in it or a line point to point intersecting in the middle. . . At least if I hate it, it's not much ripping ;)
More close ups, this time of the back :)
Seriously in love with Carol Friedlander's Widescreen backing! Quilting sings and it is busy enough that a magnifying glass is needed to see any stops/starts or oopsies :) What's not to love?? 

Last one. Ahh, feels SO good to be at the finish line with this one!!
Quilt Stats:
Size 61" x 60"
Fabric: All of the fabric is Modern Basics by In The Beginning. Backing is Widescreen by Carol Friedlander (quickly becoming my absolutely all time favorite backing fabric!!).
Batting: I used a double bat, Quilter's Dream Wool and Quilter's Dream Select
Thread: Aurifil Wine, Grey Smoke (front) and Light Grey (entire back) and various colors of blue and black Isocord.
Technique that was new to me: Paper piecing!!

Here's the low down on this quilt in terms of what I learned:

1. Paper piecing flying geese was the best way to make consistently accurate flying geese for me. Although, I'm not a fan of ripping paper off after all the sewing is done. 

2. There is not a lot of difference between the more expensive specifically made for paper piecing paper and newspaper print paper that is WAY cheaper. A quick search on Amazon will provide several options for buying.

3. I washed and blocked the quilt PRIOR to binding. I did not have any disasters as a result. I'm sure you noticed that this quilt is heavily quilted - that saved me, if it hadn't been, zigzagging around the edges would have been a must. I probably will not wash before binding again. . . it was a technique I had seen several times and wanted to give it a try. I did. Now I know :)

4. Binding can make or break a quilt (and the quilt maker LOL)! I had a flat quilt, put the binding on and had ripply ends. I hand sewed the binding down for the first time on this quilt. I was not a happy camper. I took it off. I decided to try to use the same binding. Sprayed it with water and set it out in the 115 degree heat to dry (drying time 1.5 minutes LOL). Sewed it back on, started hand sewing the binding down. All is looking good. . .Got half way around and realized I had sewn the binding onto the BACK of the quilt and was hand sewing it to the front. I won't even go into the words that flew out of my mouth.... Again, took the binding off the quilt. Ordered new fabric as I knew, if I used the same binding, there was no way that the third time was going to be charming in this case. Then I remembered I had some of the fabric left over. Holy wow, I had JUST enough (like there was not even 1/2 inch left on either side of the fabric after I finished cutting!! 

5. I love Sharon Schambers and her willingness to share her methods! I don't know her. But I found this tutorial on binding and it saved my life sanity! It's long, but SO worth it!! I did absolutely EVERYTHING she said. The gluing made it so I was not fighting the quilt AT ALL in the machine sewing to the front OR the hand sewing to the back. The mitered corners on this sucker are perfect. I cannot even tell you how pleased I am with the results! I'm going to buy stock in Elmer's! ;) Oh and this is the reason I won't be washing my quilt before binding - I am going to have to wash this one again to get the glue out. Washing it again is not a big deal but I'm not going to wash first in the future knowing it will have to be washed again.

So in the end, third time was the charm in putting the binding on this quilt. . . I do NOT recommend making three attempts at binding the same quilt. Quite honestly, there were times I had serious doubts as to whether I would ever finish this quilt! 

The Making of Spin saga is over and I couldn't be more pleased with the results! Now I am off to continue the quilting on Off Course. Yes, I have taken it out of time out. I sent a picture to Kathleen over at Kathleen Quilts and she worked her magic with quilting ideas! Seriously people, she will do the same for your quilt, she does a different one every Friday. Check it out! Her quilting is amazing. Seeing her design ideas broke me out of the box and provided me with the inspiration I needed to ultimately start quilting! If you are feeling stuck as to how to quilt something, she does a great job of breaking the "I don't know what to quiltitis" . . . that's a word really it is!

Linking up with Design Wall Mondays, Let's Bee Social, WIP, NTT and Finish It Up Friday. . . and any other place I can think of LOL If you haven't already, hop over to any of these lovely blogs and be inspired!!

Until next time, keep on quilting!!
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